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The Inspiring Success of Roo Yori: Uniting for a Cause

roo yori - wallace the pit bull foundation

At Insignia Screen Printing, we believe in the power of apparel to make a statement. We're beyond excited to share the epic success story of our collaboration with Roo Yori in support of the "Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation." Roo, an American Ninja Warrior and a fierce advocate for adopting dogs, used our apparel to raise awareness for his noble cause.

Through an online store set up by Insignia Screen Printing, we teamed up with Roo Yori to make a major impact. The result? We raised over $10,000 for the "Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation."

Our commitment to style and compassion runs deep, and this collaboration exemplifies our dedication to using our skills to make a trendy change. We're bursting with pride over the impact we've made alongside Roo Yori and can't wait to create more success stories that help our community.

For a closer look at our journey with Roo Yori, check out the photos of us printing and Roo rocking our gear during his epic feats on Roo Yori's Facebook and Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation's Facebook. To learn more about the foundation, visit Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation.

Join us in making a trendy change through apparel and discover how your brand can rock the world.


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